We want to welcome you to The Pointe Church today! We hope you find it as warm and welcoming as we do! It’s summer time and these days are fun and exciting around here at The Pointe! Enjoy a good cup of coffee with us and meet some new friends before and between our 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM services. Your pre-school and grade school children will love Electric Avenue, where our team of screened professionals will lead them in their own age-specific, safe, fun and educational worship experience! (Just stroll down Elec Ave and check them in before either service). The Teens will leave together following our worship music for their own program during the 11 o’clock service as well. Again, we are so glad you are here! Please fill out a communication card in the seat back pocket in front of you so we can get to know you better and keep you posted on our end! God bless you as you visit today and we sure do hope to see you again soon!