Heart for our Home Finish Strong Offering

  Let’s Finish Strong!  Grand Finale Offering – September 22, With Matching Gift Financial Update The original goal: $50,000 Pledges: $34,000 Received To Date: $27,000 Remaining Prayer Goal: $23,000  What we still want to accomplish: Renovate the Worship Platform Put in a Playground for Everyone Matters Ministry Retire More Debt  ($6,000 will have cut it…

Married Life

Join us for Married Life, our new Sunday Morning ministry to help fine-tune marriages, build unity, help remove conflict and help couples enjoy God’s gift of marriage.

Apologetics Group

The meaning of the word Apologetics comes from the Greek apologia which means a ‘defense’ or ‘answer.’ Christian apologetics is the body of knowledge that defends the philosophical, historical and doctrinal truth of true Christianity against attacks by others who possess (usually) a very different belief system. Apologetics attempts to respond to questions or assaults on Christianity…

Game Night!

Get your friends together for our next Friday night Game Night! Saturday, June 1st. 7:00pm.

Newcomer Reception

Meet the Pastors and Leaders, Refreshments Served. Please register so we know you’re coming!

10th Anniversary Night of Comedy & Dinner with Dennis Gaxiola

As part of our 10th Anniversary Weekend Celebration, we’re having a night of Comedy and Dinner at the Pointe! Enjoy a banquet with great food from our friends at Taste of Tuscany, along with special guests, and comedy from Dennis Gaxiola! This is a ticketed event. Doors open at 6:00pm, Dinner is served at 6:30pm.…

Don’t Go To Church, Be The Church

On Sunday, November 24th, we won’t “attend” church, we will remind ourseelves that we ARE the church!  We are the hands and feet of Jesus in our local community.  Ekklesia means ‘assembly’ or ‘gathering’ or ‘congregation.’ As you can see, the word refers to a body of people, not to a building. Interestingly, our English…