Join us at the Pointe for our first 24 Hour of Prayer event.  Our Sanctuary will be open for 24 hours to host individuals or groups to come in and pray over our the needs of the church, our Antelope community, and city, and our upcoming Thursday night service. Grab friends, community group and family members or those from your life group, and choose a time to come and pray with one another.   You can sign up for as little as 15 minutes.  We’ll begin with a call to worship at 1pm on Saturday, February 1, and have round the clock prayer for 24 hours.  We’ll have a suggested prayer guide that will help us all call on the name of the Lord.  After our second service on February 1, we will unite together for a celebration.  A Sign up Link will be provided this Sunday, and soon, on-line.

You can pray in the comfort of your own home, or you gan gather a group to pray together. Sign up for 1 or more 15 minute segments, and let’s blanket the Pointe with 24 hours of prayer.  Sign up by clicking here


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