Have you noticed people ardifferent, but they are predictably different? This disc personality training and small group training Seminar is designed to train and advance everyone in the art of nuturing God’s people in the context of a smalgroup and leadership development.  People grow best when sitting under the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, and they take root and grown when engaging in a Life Group.  Human behavior is not cut and dry, or black and white, which is why DISC theory consists of a combination of four DISC personality styles.  Together we’ll learn how to…

  • Correctly place volunteers in positions in the church.
  • Develop future leaders.
  • Reduce personal & marriage conflict.
  • Empower small group leaders.
  • Increase communication. 
  • Enhance understanding

This 90 minute DISC personality Seminar from Pastor Ed is based on Marston’s DISC theory.  It’s an eye opening, fun and informative advance training for your staff, pastors, small group leaders and members of the congregation.  This investment will help leaders lead others.


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