Sunday Service Time: 10:00a-11:15a
8155 Watt Ave, Antelope CA 95843 | 916.872.1777

Located in the Elverta Crossing Shopping Center
(Tractor Supply Store), near Watt Avenue & Elverta

Heart for the House Special Offering

Passion for your house has consumed me!  – Paslms 69:9

On this special day, November 6, we are confident your heart will leap with joy in hearing a brief summary of our journey over the past 12 months. We will celebrate what God has done and look to the horizon as we prepare our facility for present and future needs. It’s been several years since our building has been properly serviced, and even longer since we’ve upgraded equipment, sound, landscaping, and computers.

This new annual opportunity to give above and beyond our tithes and offerings will be designated toward facility needs, repairs, and improvements that we are unable to do within our current budget. Your generosity will allow us to keep the House of the Lord properly maintenanced, secure necessary upgrades, and purchase equipment in order to prepare for the harvest God is bringing us.  We will be asking our members and friends to stretch a little further and reach a little higher. 

Why?  “Because the passion for the House of the Lord consumes me.”  – Psalms 69:9

Imagine what we could to if we all united in vision, with purpose and joyfully gave sacrificially! This special offering we plan on receiving each year is set aside for facility needs only.

Friends, would you join us as we reach toward the heavens? Our staff and Board were the first to step forward to give. What would God have you do?

  • 1 Gift of $2,500
  • 1 Gift of $1,500
  • 4 Gifts of $1,000
  • 2 Gifts of $750
  • 7 Gifts of $500
  • 10 Gifts of $250
  • Other gifts as God provides
  • FAITH GOAL, $15,500

If you know what God is calling you to do, click on the link here and let us know!

Facility Maintenance
Fire Sprinkler Repair, $2,000   URGENT NEED
AC Unit Maintenance, $1,000   UPCOMING
Paint for Sanctuary (Walls, Ceiling), $500
Sound and Technical
New Speakers for Sanctuary, $2,000
Carpeting and Flooring for Platform, $2,900
Digital Snake for Sound, $2,000   URGENT NEED
Additional Sound, $550
Electric Avenue
New Slatwall for Electric Avenue, $200
New Computer for Electric Avenue, Donated!
New Toys for Electric Avenue Store, $600, Donated!
Electrical Repairs, Electric Avenue, $700   URGENT NEED
Exterior and Landscaping
Cement Garbage Can, $750
Additional No Trespassing Signs, $200
Landscaping, Sprinkler Repair, $1,100  URGENT NEED
Continue Tanbark Project, $600
Breakpointe Teens
New Flatscreen TV, Youth Room, $600
X Box for Breakpointe, $400
Total Needs, $15,550.00