All couples – whether dating, engaged, newlyweds or married for many years – want the same thing: a happy relationship.  But when it comes to love this is sometimes easier said than done.   Marriage is a union that is ever-growing and always changing. The key to a great marriage is to ensure that you are growing together – not apart.  The more time goes by without healthy communication and intimacy, the less likely you are to succeed in your relationship.

Our weekly Married Life Class is a series of lessons designed to help you and your partner strengthen communication, intimacy, and trust among other things necessary for a healthy relationship.  If you want to have a great marriage, make sure Jesus is invited to your marriage. Enjoy your spouse’s company and make friends with other couples who have the same love and passion for Christ as you. Practical teaching and plenty of time for fellowship and fun are among the many things couples can enjoy through this ongoing marriage – building ministry.

No one ever said marriage was easy, but it is an establishment created by God. A marriage is to be enjoyed, cherished and protected. When we build our marriage on the foundation of God’s Word, we see His promises flourish in our lives as individuals and in our relationship with our spouse. This ministry will allow couples to learn how they can go from where they are now to where God wants them to be in their marriage. Marriage “maintenance,” like going to church regularly, is essential in restoring and/or keeping a marriage in God’s perfect design, purpose and plan.

Sunday mornings, 9:00am sharp in our youth room.