Pastor Edward Black, Jr.

Pastor Ed has served the local church for over 22 years. He has a passion for God’s people, youth, college age young adults, outreach, large community events, small groups training / development, and serving to help all ministries reach their potential.  Spending time with Pastor Ed, you’ll quickly discover he has endless energy, is a creative problem solver, a strategic catalyst and an out-of-the box visionary.  He’s often dissatisfied with what is, and passionate about what could be.  He’s earned a business degree from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing & Human Resources.  He has a 2-year certification in Ministry From Impact School of Ministry, where he went on to teach several of the classes, as well as a certification in Applied Behavioral / Personality Analysis (DISC) from the Center for Motivational Living, (very helpful in providing leadership, ministry to marriages, and small group leadership development). He’s also a frequently requested Wedding Officiate, visit

Pastor Ed came to the Pointe after serving at Celebration Church as their Youth and Young Adult Associate Pastor, having resurrected their long dormant student ministries.  With little or no budget, Ed developed a team and found the funds to transform an unused warehouse space into a teen rec center, with cafe, snack bar, integrated media, lighting, sound, and leather chair lounge.  Ed resigned after the church chose to move from Auburn to north of Colfax.  Today, he serves our Lead Pastors, Mark and Lori as their hands extended to the staff, volunteers, congregation and our local community.  Ed’s always been a creative visionary with exceptional organization and business skills, committed to developing staff and volunteers to become all God has planned for them through systematic spiritual formation, teaching, preaching, influence and conversation.  Pastor Ed has provided leadership for several of our large events, such as last year’s Church in the Park, our 10th Anniversary Celebration, and our Christmas Community show.  Within the church’s four walls, he’s our Sunday morning service producer, overseeing all aspects of the worship service experience, and is personally overseeing the training and development of our youth ministries, for which he has a lifelong calling and passion.  He’s organized and led dozens of youth camps, conferences, concerts, missions’ trips to Guatemala, youth and adult services, small groups and recreational events, helping integrate youth and young adults into the life of the local church.  He also doubles as our graphic artist, website manager and social media strategist until we find one to add to the staff.

Ed is multi-vocational, with his time spent between Salem Media Group (103.9 The Fish and 710AM The Word) as their Regional Digital Strategist, and the Pointe ChurchHe’s very involved in many large Christian Events in Northern California, frequently on-stage preaching, teaching, or receiving offerings.  Ed also travels, delivering his seminar, “Helping Church Transform the Way they Communicate to their Churches & Communities.”  He also trains small group leaders with his DISC Personality and Behavioral Lunch & Learns.  Learn More at www.ImaginationHarbor.comHis heart is to move to full time service when the opportunity presents itself.

Pastor Ed met and married his lovely wife, Karen, now going on 24 years. Very much opposites, Pastor Ed and Karen adopted the joy of their lives, Madison Grace, after 9 long years of being unable to have a child of their own.  Madison was dedicated back to God at Grace Rocklin with 90 guests in attendance (they don’t do anything small).  Karen is an executive level Marketing Manager for Cadence, and works from home, traveling to the Bay Area twice a month to for meetings. Pastor Ed enjoys movies, 80’s pop music, anything Star Trek/Galactica, dislikes all sports, and is a Peets coffee connoisseur,  He firmly believes Starbucks are the purveyors of burnt, brown water.  Additional ways to connect with Pastor Ed: