Sunday Service Time: 10:00a-11:15a
8155 Watt Ave, Antelope CA 95843 | 916.872.1777

Located in the Elverta Crossing Shopping Center
(Tractor Supply Store), near Watt Avenue & Elverta

Core Values of the Pointe

CONNECT… to God and others!  We believe that life with God is a journey, and every journey has a beginning. Here at The Pointe, we do our best to assist you in discovering your starting place with God. In fact, we believe that God has been looking for you and can’t wait to enter into a personal relationship with you. That is why Jesus came… to Connect you to God, which results in a rich and satisfying life, both here on earth, and with God in heaven forever!  We also believe that everyone does best in their relationship with God when they live life together in community with others.   Connect with others through Facebook, through joining a Life Group, through attending special events, or by taking our 101, 201, 301 and 401 classes.

GROW… Individually and Together!  Once you have started your journey with God, He wants to help you grow strong in your relationship with Him and other people. God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay the same.  A relationship with Jesus will change you.  Not on the outside, but from within.  When it comes to growing in your faith, one thing can be said with absolute certainty: It’s challenging to grow in Christ on your own!  So here at The Pointe, we focus on growing our relationship with God and Christ – but doing it together.

SERVE…The Church and The World!  Your spiritual journey is well under way, but just like Jesus, you were created for a mission. God says that when we serve others as “His hands and feet” in the world, our life blossoms into a thing of beauty that impacts the world in a positive way.

Here at The Pointe, we are committed to assisting you in discovering what you were made for. We offer assessment in spiritual gifts and life skills, and do our best to help you find meaningful places of involvement in the church. The Pointe is a safe place to explore your purpose in a safe and non-judgmental “lab” environment. You will love how your life is enriched as you move a step at a time into serving and caring for others.

SHARE… The God we Know and What we Have!  No journey is complete without letting others know where you have been. It’s simple: Invest and Invite. God loves everyone, and wants us to let them know Him too. His message is “Good News” and should be shared naturally as opportunities afford themselves, but many believers are intimidated about sharing.

At The Pointe, we offer training and support as you learn how to share your own story with others, and we provide the tools you need to “invest” in relationships with the “not-yet-believers” that you know, and to “invite” them to attend our unique and exciting church. The steps are easy, relational, and natural when you are well-equipped to share the right way. Imagine your friend’s or family member’s excitement as their personal journey with God begins because you cared enough to share His love with them too.